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World on the Brink: Explosive Global Events Unveil Shocking Predictions for 2026 Peak

Considering recent global events, it couldn’t be a more foreboding time.


The volatility of this cycle has been significant.


Economically, the stages have played out as expected.


We’ve witnessed land prices follow the same repeating pattern, in the same sequence and rhythm, as outlined in Hoyt’s and Wenzlick’s research in the 1930s. (Both author’s publications are available for member viewing in the Member’s Publication’s section of the website.)


Our forecast for the expected peak in land values in 2026, therefore, remains consistent.


However, global events have created a cataclysm that is promising an end to this cycle that was hard to conceive, prior to the COVID mid-cycle panic.


Last Saturday, Iran launched more than 300 drones and missiles at Israel. The

Islamic Republic’s first ever direct attack on the Jewish state.


It will undoubtedly draw the region into a broader conflagration. The scale of it was astounding.


It wasn’t a limited strike.


It involved 185 drones, 110 ballistic missiles and 36 cruise missiles in a mighty effort to overwhelm Israel’s air defences.


With allied support from the US, UK, and Jordon, 99% of the missiles were destroyed and not a single person killed.


However, some ballistic missiles reached Israel, damaging the key Nevatim air base in southern Israel (which remains operational.)


The sight of missiles and drones being shot down over Jerusalem, with no one injured, resulted in what many in Israel are referring to as a miracle from God, akin to how Israel overcame their enemies in the 6 Day War.


When you look at the sheer scale of the missiles – you can understand that sentiment.

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