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LCI LIVE Q&A with finance guru Pete Wargent - PLUS war and the K-wave

I teamed up with finance guru Pete Wargent a couple of days ago to host the first LCI LIVE webinar.


Quite a few subscribers joined us live and it was great to get such an enthusiastic response.


Pete gave us an extremely comprehensive rundown on current economic data, which gave me a chance to put current events in context of the land cycle.


We had some questions offline, as well as live from participants.

Some of the questions discussed include..

  • What's going to happen to Aussie stocks for the remainder of this cycle - are we going to see a boom to the peak?

  • Are NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) properties a good idea for investment in 2024/5.

  • Is it too late to commence a development project?

  • What's the outlook for rates.

  • When is the peak?

And much more!

You can watch the recording below or via the YouTube link shared at the end of this article.


Global war?


News broke yesterday that Israel has launched a retaliatory attack on Iran.


You may recall from my interview with Global Forecaster David Murrin, earlier this year, he warned the Hamas attack on Israel on 7 October, would inevitably escalate into a full-blown Middle Eastern conflict.


Following the Iranian attack on the night of 13 April, David’s prediction is now to be coming to pass.


From this point, we can expect Iran, Russia, China, and North Korea to continue to escalate their levels of expansive aggression.


I’ve interviewed a few economists this year that speculated that rates may be cut prior to the peak of the cycle – including Leith Van Onselen – founder of Macro Business.


(You can watch all LCI interviews in the Member’s Video section of the website found by hovering over the Memberships tab.)


However, I always countered that it’s highly unlikely – primarily due to global tensions in the middle east and the ongoing impact on commodity prices due to the K-wave (Kondratieff Wave.)

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