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Read what the experts say......

Pete Wargent

"I always follow eagerly Catherine's commentary and forecasts, so many of which have come in on schedule. Highly recommend following for honest and genuine insights" 

Pete Wargent 7-time finance author and leading analyst on finance and economics.

Dr Cameron Murray

"Catherine is one of Australia’s leading thinkers on property and macroeconomic cycles. No one else combines a deep understanding of economic theories and historical evidence with timely insights arising from their active participation in property markets. I read Catherine’s articles with great interest and nearly always learn something new."

Dr Cameron Murray - Economist. Corruption and property market specialist.

Author of  Rigged: How networks of powerful mates rip off everyday Australians The Great Housing Hijack: The hoaxes and myths keeping prices high for renters and buyers in Australia

Fred Harrison

"Catherine Cashmore’s initiative embarks her on a venture that promises to elevate economics from the local to the global; with the prospect of her playing a key role in the looming debate on revisions needed to rules that prioritize the culture of cheating.

Fred Harrison - Research Director of the London-based Land Research Trust and a graduate of the Universities of Oxford and London. Author of over 20 books. The world's foremost authority on the 18-year land cycle.

Leith Van Onselen

"Catherine has an expert understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of land markets, as well as years of experience on the ground as a buyers' agent. This combination has given Catherine a unique perspective, which subscribers can profit from".   

Leith Van Onselen former economist at the Australian Treasury, Victorian Treasury and Goldman Sachs. Co-founder of - Australia’s leading business and investment blog. 

Callum Newman

“I have known Catherine for years. Her passion is helping people cut through the noise to create wealth via shrewd property market analysis. She’s independent, honest and beholden only to you - her client.” 

Callum Newman - Since 2012 Callum has been writing for the world's largest independent financial publisher, Agora Inc. In 2014 he co-founded the service Cycles, Trends, and Forecasts. Today, he helms the ultra-fast-paced stock trading service Small-Cap Systems and small-cap advisory Australian Small-Cap Investigator. 

What subscribers say...

Testimonials for Catherine Cashmore's writing on the land cycle in recent years - From Fat Tail Investment Research - Cycles, Trends & Forecasts - to - Catherine Cashmore's Land Cycle Investor

"Like most of the services I'm subscribed to in Fat tail media, I am more interested in the wealth of knowledge that the hosts are sharing rather than the trade advice. I'm also very happy that Catherine has combined CT&F and her extensive knowledge of the Australian real estate cycle to give us an even clearer picture of where we are headed in the very near future. I feel a lot more confident when considering investment decisions having her insights as a guide. I couldn't be happier."  - Brian

"Cycles, Trends and Forecasts is an excellent subscription, basically looking into that so “hard to capture in a model sense” sentiment aspect of markets, and how our human emotions are connected to much larger natural cycles, driving the sentiment in a predictable but always differently manifested ways. Keep up the good work and look forward to future editions for many more years to come." - Dan

"The publication named "cycles, trends and forecasts" lives up to its name. Research and analysis of the highest importance to elevating the financial intelligence of humanity. Simple to understand. Logical."  - Darius

One of Australia's most respected financial/housing market analysts - Pete Wargent.....

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