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What if I told you... There is a hidden order behind ALL economic activity. A repeating rhythm that explains everything that happens in financial markets... And predicts things that are going to happen in the world? 

A pattern that can be traced back to the 17th century... That you can see — as clear as day — in everything that’s happening today.

The secrets and esoteric aspects that sit behind the cycle can be found in Member content.

The videos below contain interviews with experts on the land cycle and economists that have a good grasp on the economics that sit behind it.

Essential viewing if you want to advantage from the knowledge.  

Start Here - Unraveling the Mystery:

The History of the 18.6-Year Land Cycle

Featured Interviews 

Interview with Martin Wolf - London Financial Review

Interview with Dr Cameron Murray - Fresh Economic Thinking

The Renegade Economist: Professor Steven Keen and the Boom/Bust Cycle

Global Forecaster David Murrin answers your questions

Why Australia Will Avoid Recession in 2023 with Dr Cameron Murray

Interview with Akhil Patel (June 2023)

War and the Real Estate Cycle with Global Forecaster David Murrin

2023 Boom or Bust? With Pete Wargent

Land Cycle Investor

The Ultimate Land Cycle Prediction for a 2026 peak with Fred Harrison

Where to Buy in 2023? - with Louis Christopher

Video Interviews

Mastering Commercial Real Estate Investing! Exclusive Interview with Property Expert Warren Ebert

Land Cycle Investor - with Pete Wargent

Land Cycle Investor - Interview with Dr Cameron Murray and Leith Van Onselen

Land Cycle Investor - Update on Recent Cycle-Moving Events

Exclusive interview with The Kouk! 

Land Cycle Investor - Catherine Cashmore with Leith Van Onselsen

Land Cycle Investor - With Callum Newman

Land Cycle Investor - The Secret Wealth Advantage

Land Cycle Investor - Market Trends with Pete Wargent


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Cashmore’s Real Estate with Fred Harrison
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Cashmore’s Real Estate with Warren Mosler
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