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The index that gives warning of an Australian recession 12-18 months in advance...

Bryan Kavanagh is a long-standing member of Prosper Australia’s executive committee.  

If you’re on Twitter, you may have seen some of Bryan’s tweets under the handle @bryankav123. 

He’s a retired real estate valuer and resident expert on both the 18-year real estate cycle and the Kondratieff wave – he’s lectured on them previously.

Bryan worked in the Australian Taxation Office in Melbourne in 1971 and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia in 1989 before co-founding a private valuation practice in 1997 and retiring in 2013.

But importantly, he’s also the co-creator of the Kavanagh/Putland Index (or the KP Index as it’s commonly known) with Dr Gavin Putland (former employee with Prosper Australia) .


The KP Index has proven to be a very reliable indicator of Australian economic recessions some 12–18 months in advance.

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