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Mastering Real Estate Cycles: Seizing Opportunities and Safeguarding Your Future

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Many want to know how to time and sell at the top of the real estate cycle, which, I have forecast to occur in 2026.

This is not an easy task.

More so because the median peak in property values differs per state and territory.

And note, you don’t have to sell at the top!

As I’ve stressed previously, history shows that good real estate — in the biggest states by population (primarily Sydney and Melbourne) — typically exceeds the peak of the cycle in the first half of the next cycle…prior to the following mid-cycle downturn.

More on that another time.

Note also, that the Australian property market has not always chimed to a regular boom/bust 18-year pattern either.

The economic downturns at the end of the 18.6-year cycle have been muted in periods when there was minimal speculation on property.

Put simply: If there isn’t a boom in land values, there won’t be a bust.

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