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From Roads to Riches — The Biggest Global Build-Out of Physical Assets in Human History

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Governments around the world are spending trillions of dollars on infrastructure.

There’s the US’ $1-trillion infrastructure push, China’s enormous Belt and Road Initiative spanning continents, the UK’s promise of £650 billion in infrastructure schemes over the next decade…the list goes on.

It’s the biggest global build-out of physical assets in human history.

Think roads, bridges, airports, seaports, energy facilities, 5G towers, schools, hospitals, rail, and even hyperloops.

You name it; they’ve been planned…and funded.

It’s fuelling a global land price boom.

But it also requires an almost un-suppliable amount of building materials, skills, and new technology.

This will open the door to many investment opportunities over the next year or so.

Opportunities my subscribers over at Cycles, Trends & Forecasts will learn about.

Regardless, this is highly likely to further heighten global trade disputes.

All of it fits in with everything we expect to see on the upswing of the Kondratieff Wave.

It will also add fuel to the property boom over the ‘Winner’s Curse’ phase of the cycle, starting around now and due to peak in 2026.

The COVID panic was the trigger for the flush of spending, of course.

However, blowing an infrastructure bubble — inevitably blowing a land market bubble — is a well-worn strategy to dig economies out of recessions.

It was how the US got out of the Great Depression.

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