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What’s coming up in LCI - Insights into Australia's 2024 Real Estate Trends and a Perspective on U.S Commercial Markets


We’re already at the beginning of February. That means that the latest data from CoreLogic is out - and we can do a quick assessment on how the Land Cycle is tracking as we head into 2024!


Home values are up 0.4% through the month – building from the 0.3% increase seen in November and December.


It marks the 12th straight month of value rises.


It wasn’t so long ago mass media headlines were screaming at investors to run for the hills, with property prices expected to fall some 20% or so!


Remember the doomsday calls around this time last year?


Now Australian house prices sit at a record high – who would have thought it!? ;)


All in all, real estate markets are bang on track for what we’d expect to see at this point in the 18.6-year Land Cycle - and indeed, tracking the forecasts we made last year.

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