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The Great Housing Debate — Busting Myths on the Ride into 2026

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

A few days ago, I joined the two renegade economists, Dr Cameron Murray and Leith van Onselen, to bust a few myths about the current economic environment.

I also got their insights into the cycle as we transit through the final few years to the peak in 2026.

Both Cameron and Leith write their own independent narratives on the real estate market and macro economy — with information that stands refreshingly apart from the BS shared in the mainstream media.

After all, over the last few weeks, we’ve seen the usual flip-flop forecasts from the major banks, changing direction as often as Melbourne’s weather. (I wrote more about that here.)

There’s also been endless outrage over rising rents from all sides of politics. Yet nothing is mentioned to criticise the demand side of the equation as we see record numbers of immigrants flood into cities that have almost no dwellings available for lease.

Obviously, rents continue to rocket northwards. This pulled the trigger for yet another government inquiry to address the issue — ‘The Worsening Rental Crisis in Australia’.

However, let’s not forget that there have been numerous inquiries made into housing affordability over the years.

  1. The First Home Ownership Inquiry by the Productivity Commission (2004)

  2. The Senate Select Committee inquiry into Housing Affordability in Australia (2008)

  3. The Inquiry into Affordable Housing by the Senate Economics References Committee (2014)

  4. The Inquiry into Home Ownership by the Standing Committee on Economics (2015)

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