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Stock picking through the Winner's Curse with Callum Newman

I got my mate Callum Newman on the show this week, to give subscribers the lowdown on some stocks he’s been tipping, and current opportunities in the markets.

However, our conversation went much further than this – and I think you’re going to really enjoy the content. We cover a lot of ground!

Callum possesses a thorough grasp of the 18-year Land Cycle. He launched Cycles, Trends & Forecasts alongside economist Phillip Anderson back in 2014.

I was a contributing editor to the publication at the time - prior to taking the helm as editor in 2019. And over the years, we've observed the many economic forecasts made in CT&F and Land Cycle Investor unfold as predicted - underscoring the remarkable value knowledge of the 18-year Land Cycle can offer Australian investors.

Today, Callum helms the ultra-fast-paced stock trading service Small-Cap Systems and small-cap advisory Australian Small-Cap Investigator.

But without an understanding of the 18-year Land Cycle, forecasting the future with confidence would be impossible.

It was this knowledge that enabled Callum to make some bold stock tips back in November, last year, at the Fat Tail Investment Research Alliance event.  Some subscribers were at that event – here’s a pic of the editors that presented, below.

Fat Tail Investment Research Alliance Event
Fat Tail Investment Research Alliance Event

Source: Catherine Cashmore

While other speakers were having doubts on where the economy was heading following the historic run up in the cash rate, we both had a similar message – the economy is not going into recession, the housing market will continue to defy any downturn.

In fact, both 2024 and 2025 should be strong years for both real estate, and stocks. That means, it’s the time to put the focus on where to make the gains!

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