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Reaching for the Sky: Exploring the World of Skyscrapers and Real Estate Cycles

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

If ever a tall building looked out of place, it’s the Tour Montparnasse in Paris.

The structure stands out like a sore thumb against the low-density historical urban backdrop of the city.

Take a look:

Tour Montparnasse

Source: Wikipedia

The 210-metre (689-foot) building contains mostly offices, which is unfortunate. The office sector suffered its worst performance in 13 years in Paris over 2022 — with sales volumes down considerably on pre-COVID levels.

At the top, there’s a restaurant and viewing terrace that attracts visitors wanting to experience the ‘breathtaking’ 360-degree view of the capital.

It’s said to be the most beautiful view in all of Paris.

But this is because it’s the only view in the city where the tower can’t be seen!

Despite being an eyesore, a competition to redesign the façade of the building in time for the Paris Olympics in 2024 is unlikely to do much to assist it in blending in.

The picture below emphasises why!

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