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Rate rises biting - Boom or Bust for 2024?

I invited my good friend and industry colleague Pete Wargent, to come and have a chat with me about the direction of interest rates, property prices and the economy, in a special interview I have recorded for subscribers below.

I have given a couple of lectures recently to Pete’s Next Level Wealth clients. So I asked Pete to return the favour and join me with an exclusive power-point presentation that is comprehensive in content.

Our discussion covers,

- A property market overview across Australia

- Current assessment of the state of the economy with chart analysis.

- The impact rising interest rates are having on the economy - and a forecast on what may happen in the months ahead. Are we looking at cuts to the cash rate next year?

- An overview of supply/demand dynamics in the property market. Can rents really keep increasing?

- And general advice for property investors and stock market investors. Is it time to step into REITs?

We discuss how current events may influence investment decisions within the current land cycle in the lead up to a 2026 peak.

Pete Wargent is one of Australia's most respected financial and housing market analysts. A six-time published finance author, an active investor in equities and property, a buyer's agent, strategist and mentor. I think you'll find the information he has to share very valuable.

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