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News You Should Know! Callum and Catherine Discuss the Latest Cycle-Impacting Events

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

There’s quite a bit of economic data circulating in the news right now that I thought needed to be brought to your attention.

So, I jumped on a call with my former co-editor for Cycles, Trends and Forecasts, Callum Newman, to discuss all that’s happening that could bear effect on the remainder of this cycle.

We cover…

  1. The record property price boom in WA that has seen total residential values explode to a whopping $768 billion.

  2. Victoria’s property market bubbling upwards, with total values coming close to their 2022 peak, at $2.55 trillion.

  3. Talk of rate cuts in the press and some are saying FOMO is about to hit the market — is this a possibility for the final two years of the cycle?

  4. Tips on where/what to buy, and a few examples of where investors can easily go wrong with property investing.

  5. How AI may impact the cycle going forward, and

  6. Opportunities in the REIT sector — is it time to step in?

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