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Navigating the Land Cycle - 2023/4

Looking out at a cold grey Melbourne sky at the beginning of summer, it’s easy be a bit pessimistic.

The news bombards with stories of war, massive protests, the rising cost of living, panic over potential recession…. It’s no wonder a majority are fearing the outlook in 2024.

However, it’s all smoke and mirrors!

You should be extremely excited for the future — not fearful.

The news won’t tell you this – but if you understand the 18- year land cycle (and the longer 54- year commodity cycle), you’ll have a better idea what’s ahead than any mainstream news reporter or economist.

It’s why - about eight years ago - I said 2020 was likely to be a down year…!

And it’s also why I’m suggesting 2024 could prove to be a great opportunity to speculate on stocks – especially those exposed to the real estate sector.

In fact, I’m prospecting that property markets will continue to gain (at least if you know where to buy that is) into mid-2026.

My overall forecast remains the same since I started writing about the cycle in 2015 – (as a then contributing-editor to the former Fat Tail Invesment Research Publication, Cycles, Trends & Forecasts.)

The world will see huge wealth creation, abundance, and a massive boom land-boom into the year 2026.

I’m not being dismissive of the difficulties the world is experiencing right now.

Global tensions are at a high.

Young people don’t know if they are male or female these days, and politicians are hell bent on Net Zero insanity.

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