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A ‘Must Listen’ Deep Dive with Dr. Cameron Murray — The Great Housing Hijack, Monopoly Strategies and Future Market Trends!

Many of you will already be familiar with Dr Cameron Murray’s work.


He wrote the book Rigged.  


It uncovers the tricks of Australia’s super rich. Namely – rent seeking.


This is why we have a land cycle, commodity cycle, a credit cycle — and ultimately, a volatile business cycle.


Australia’s economy is built around it.


Over 80% of today’s wealthiest Australians have made their fortunes speculating on property, mining, banking, superannuation, and finance — gaining favourable property re-zonings, planning law exemptions, mining concessions, labour law exemptions, and credit creation powers.


If you want to free yourself from wage slavery, you must learn to play the game of monopoly as they have.


As one of Australia’s greatest monopoly players, Rupert Murdoch quipped in his 1994 John Bonython lecture ‘The Century of Networking’:


‘Because capitalists are always trying to stab each other in the back, free markets do not lead to monopolies. Monopolies can only exist when governments protect them.’


Rigged is a great book — I highly recommend it. It will help you understand how the economy works better than a university economics textbook.


Unsurprisingly, following the publicity of its publication, several journalists were threatened with legal action after quoting the findings.


He also has a new book launching next year, entitled The Great Housing Hijack. This one delves into the myths and fantasies locked in popular narrative, against the reality of how land markets really operate.


There’s a chapter in the book dedicated to cycles – of which I provided Cameron with some research. Once again, it’s well worth pre-ordering a copy to have in your library for reference.


I took the opportunity to sit down with Cameron this week for a long chat about a range of items readers should be aware of.


It turned out to be jam packed with content that I think you’ll find really interesting.


We discuss,


-       Increased government control – digital currencies, “you shall own nothing and be happy” - what’s the future for Australia?

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