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The Secret of Australia’s Super Rich - zoning windfalls. It's not just a history lesson – it's a roadmap for the future. Part One

Land speculation has always played a part in Australia's history

However, before we get into the nitty gritty of how you can advantage - let's briefly look at the back at how Australia's went from the forefront of the progressive era to where we are today. A toll booth economy.

The knowledge is essential to the understanding of why we have a Land Cycle.

The corruption of economics in Australia

I explained in The Cashmore Files how land (economic rent, and the credit creation process that backs it) was purposely written out of economic textbooks and university curriculums.


This happened shortly after the economist Henry George rose to prominence in the 1890s.


It left many economists and politicians blind to the role of land and money creation in the economy — and therefore, unable to predict forthcoming land cycle recessions.


This misinformation was, and always has been, a form of protectionism for the wealthy.


The same happened in educational institutions in Australia.


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